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Bruce & Pam Wachter - WEST USA REALTY - Pinetop AZ
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Monsoon in the White Mountains of Arizona - by Bruce-Pam Wachter

We get some pretty amazing skies up here-- soooo beautiful.

Below is a photo of a monsoon downpour Northeast of Show Low-- probably over White Mountain Lake area & part of Snowflake.  Taken from our deck in Linden (west of Show Low) tonight!  BIG lightning, but just couldn't catch a shot of it.  Maybe next time!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Your Perfect Home is on Sale Now! Summer Real Estate in the White Mountains of AZ

Whether you're looking to relocate, retire, get out of that rental, or buy that vacation home in the White Mountains of AZ, now's a great time. Because... prices have never offered more value for your home dollar than now.

Has there been a real estate price "roll-back" in the White Mountains?  Yes, in many areas we're seeing pricing back to pre-bubble pricing.  Is that good, or what?  Good for buyers, that's for sure.

So, if affordability is important to you, now's a good time to jump into the market and start looking at your home choices!

Bruce-Pam Wachter

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Escargot in Pinetop-Lakeside AZ? Yes!

Maybe escargot is an acquired taste; but for those who love the dish, the Chalet in Pinetop-Lakeside AZ does a beautiful dish!
Escargot at The Chalet - Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ
Seriously.  Piping hot, sizzling, in a garlic butter/white wine sauce-- and something else we can't quite identify that makes all the difference in the world from other escargot dishes.

We'd just been to an open house further up the road at a SPECTACULAR Pinetop Arizona mountain home for sale (if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, something you'd not expect, a home so fabulously created) and you're in the $500K+ range-- give us a call because we'd love to give you a tour.  We were so impressed, and you will be, too.  Not the typical mountain home, but certainly in a mountain setting with so many interesting design and custom treatments, sitting beautifully on a superb lot-- we were blown away.  Had to catch our breath at the Chalet and talk about it!

So, for escargot and what we consider to be the finest food available in the White Mountains of Arizona, try the Chalet-- and tell Barry and Dennis we sent you!  For some really gorgeous White Mountains Pinetop AZ homes, send yourselves to us!

by Bruce-Pam Wachter

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