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Bruce & Pam Wachter - WEST USA REALTY - Pinetop AZ
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Get a Real Estate Agent with a Positive Attitude!

It's tough to talk about the destructive power of negative thinking/negative attitude without being negative!

So let's be positive and say that having a positive attitude, expecting positive and successful results is a really good thing for all of us. And it's an especially good thing in a Real Estate agent-- something real estate buyers and sellers should look for in their agent(s). Optimism and a positive attitude, positive thinking.

A cheerful, optimistic, experienced AND self-assured agent who keeps his/her eye on YOUR prize moves forward on your behalf with confidence and the firm BELIEF that everything will be well. That everything will turn out beautifully. And you know what? It usually does. Just ask us!

Monday, February 10, 2014

What Does the Number of Years of Real Estate Experience REALLY Mean?

"Real" real estate experience is transactional experience; i.e., the number of varied and different sales has an agent accomplished during years in business. The more sales, the more "transactions", the more experience. There's the "80/20" rule that generally says that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. In real estate that rule is: 94/6. Six percent of Realtors do 94 percent of the business. It's also a fairly well-known statistic that the majority of "active" real estate agents nationally only sell 3-4 homes a year. A majority are part-time.

So, when a Realtor tells a prospect s/he has X# of years of experience, ask to see some sales data. It's a tough and demanding business. If an agent or agents can make it working full-time, 24/7 (we do), that says a lot. A lot about their vast experience. With a combined 25 years full-time and vast transactional experience in this profession, you can count on our level of experience.