Bruce & Pam Wachter - WEST USA REALTY - Pinetop AZ

Bruce & Pam Wachter - WEST USA REALTY - Pinetop AZ
Bruce & Pam - WEST USA REALTY - White Mountains AZ Pinetop Office

Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's Not Too Late for a White Mountains AZ Home for the Holidays!

If you've been dreaming of spending the Holidays in your own cozy White Mountains AZ cabin or getaway-- it's not too late! We're about a month away from Thanksgiving, and two months away from Christmas and the winter Holidays. Hit the ground running with us now and we'll get you all set to enjoy the Holidays here in the beautiful mountains. We can fast-track a lender for you if you're financing, too!

So, think about toasting those S'mores over a crackling fire, kicking back with a cup of hot cocoa, and watching lazy snowflakes flutter down in the moonlight. It's a magical place for magical times. Having your own place here in the White Mountains to make lasting memories of Holiday Joy, family and friendship throughout the coming years is simply a worthy goal. And one that we can help make possible for you. Let's get started making those memories!