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Bruce & Pam Wachter - WEST USA REALTY - Pinetop AZ
Bruce & Pam - WEST USA REALTY - White Mountains AZ Pinetop Office

Monday, February 15, 2016

Buyers: Snooze, you lose. Why it's important to make a decision!

We KNOW buying a White Mountains AZ home or cabin is a BIG decision! But, you've looked online into the wee hours of the night for weeks or even months. You've narrowed down your list of homes to the nearly "perfect for you" candidates and engaged a REALTOR. You're serious. You've blocked out your valuable time for showings and spent that time carefully exploring every nook and cranny of homes. And, you finally found the best match, but... You need to "sleep on it". You need to go back home and mull it over. Okay, but consider this:

If YOU love it, chances are somebody else or a few somebody elses loves it too! Competition for well-priced cabins and homes in the White Mountains of AZ is ALWAYS stiff. They literally fly off the shelves. So, the "old school" rule of thumb (which advice well-meaning friends, relatives, co-workers may have offered you-- or you employed many years ago) of waiting and watching for price reductions, or of offering 20% or so under asking is like, so 80's! Honestly.

So, you need to be Prepared for Success. We will honestly counsel you on a home-by-home basis because we know this market. After all, we're handling calls and emails from prospective buyers every day. So we have more than just a hint about buyers and their objectives. We KNOW what's hot, we KNOW where the market is NOW, and where it's heading. Remember, you just don't hire us to negotiate on your behalf, per se, you hire us to get you the home you WANT!